Hello! This is the tutorial of our remarkable and very practical product - C-Photo Recovery. Here you will find a full description on product's functions and user's manual. The first thing to notice is the fact that our product is very easy to use and it is very powerful data recovery tool at the same time.

And now let's get down to business. So,you have started the application' And if you didn't plug your flash memory before ' it's not a great deal. Right click on the 'disk choice' window and choose 'refresh disks'. After this you will see your device in the list.

step 1

Recovering files is much easier: double click on required disk or select the disk and choose 'Scan Disk' on the toolbar. The disk will be scanned to detect all types of images. It may take some time. This time depends on your memory card capacity and your computer's hardware. During the scanning procedure you will be able to view the last image that has been recovered.

step 2

Then you are provided with the list of images that can be recovered. On the left there's a preview window. Choose 'View' button for preferences.

step 3

Now select the files you want to recover. If you want to recover all the images click on "Select All" button on the toolbar. After the images have been selected click on 'Recover' button, then browse for directory where you want the recovered images to be stored and that's it! IMPORTANT! If the products version is not registered you won't be able to save recovered images.

step 4

IMPORTANT! If the products version is not registered you won't be able to save recovered images.

If you need to recover other images from another storage device, just click on 'Disks' and you already know what to do! :)

Our product has one more useful function. It enables you to make a disk image of any media storage device. This function can be especially useful when you are facing lack of time and your memory device is either damaged or there are problems while using it. To create a disk image you need a right click on the device

step 5

and to browse a directory where the disk image is going to be saved. Then any time you need it File ' Open Disk Image and you will see your virtual device on the left in the disk list. It will look a little bit different from physical disks, but you still recover all the images from it.

step 6

So as you see this is very useful reliable and easy to use application!

Thank you for reading this tutorial. Carpov Data Recovery Team!

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