Recovery step one

C-Uneraser is designed to recover all types of files from healthy, damaged, and formatted storage devices. Featuring fully guided step-by-step wizards as well as classic Explorer-like user interfaces, C-Uneraser can be safely used by complete novices while providing computer professionals with all the advanced tools they need.

Supported Formats

Unlike many data recovery tools on the market, C-Uneraser can recover deleted files of any type, from any disk formatted with any version of FAT or NTFS file system. C-Uneraser has been used to successfully undelete erased files and folders, recover missing information from damaged, formatted and inaccessible disks, memory cards, and USB storage devices.

Simple to Use

C-Uneraser comes with all-new fully guided data recovery wizards allowing the least experienced users to successfully recover data from all types of disks, healthy or damaged. Wizard-based user interface offers quick, easy and completely safe way to undelete files and folders and recover missing information.

Advanced Features

Computer professionals and advanced users will find the classic Explorer-like user interface to be loaded with features. The ability to store recoverable files to a remote location, upload them over FTP, burn on a CD or DVD, or create an ISO image is convenient when working with loads of data.

Recovery step 2

Virtual Disk Images

C-Uneraser can create a virtual image of damaged disks in order to continue working with a copy instead of the original. This provides an even safer way of recovering information from damaged, corrupted or unreliable disks.

Equipped with SuperSearch

The most powerful feature of C-Uneraser is hidden under the hood. SuperSearch, an innovative data recovery algorithm, ensures reliable recovery of missing information from badly damaged or severely corrupted media, including formatted and repartitioned hard drives, inaccessible disks and memory cards that don't open in Windows.

Recovery Process

SuperSearch performs a comprehensive scan of the entire hard disk, memory card or other storage device in order to locate as many recoverable files as possible. Reading the disk surface block after block, SuperSearch can detect the beginning and length of many types of files that no longer appear in the file system.

Pre-Recovery Preview

How to make sure C-Uneraser does the right job for you? Equipped with pre-recovery preview, both free and full versions of C-Uneraser can display full contents of a file in live mode. If you can read your documents, view your pictures and listen to your music, those files are 100% recoverable.

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