Data Recovery for Digital Photographers

If you shoot digital, you know how relieving it is to have robust high-capacity memory cards instead of rolls of film that can be easily spoiled if you accidentally expose the film to light. But digital memory cards are not bullet-proof, and you can still lose your pictures almost as easily as with film! If you accidentally remove a memory card from a card reader or a camera during the write operation such as saving a picture, the result may be a corrupted file. In a worst case scenario, you'll get a flash card that is completely unreadable.

There are plenty of data recovery tools on the market, but what makes C-photo Recovery stand out is its dedication to digital imaging and photography. C-photo Recovery specializes in effectively finding and restoring digital pictures in all popular formats even if your flash memory card or hard drive is completely unreadable.

Recover Digital SLR RAW Images

More and more people move from digital compacts to SLR cameras for more creativity and better image quality. Many digital SLR owners shoot in RAW for the added flexibility in post processing and resulting image quality. RAW is not recognized as a supported picture format by most data recovery tools. A truly unique feature of C-photo Recovery is full RAW file support. Your pictures can still be recovered even if you shoot RAW with a digital SLR!

Complete Recovery with Super Search

What makes C-photo Recovery really different is the way it handles deleted files and corrupted partitions. Many data recovery tools cannot do anything about your data if the file system located in the area in the beginning of your hard disk or flash card is missing or corrupt. Thanks to the comprehensive Super Search technology, C-photo Recovery can find and recover digital pictures even if half of your memory card of disk is completely dead!

Traditional data recovery tools refer to file system for information about files that were recently deleted. If they find a record about a file, they attempt to undelete it based on information provided by the file system alone. C-photo Recovery utilizes this technology, but does not stop there. It goes two full steps further, scanning your entire hard drive or memory card for signatures that mark the beginning and end of digital pictures and matching the result of the surface scan with the results recorded in the file system. This approach allows for the most complete recovery of all pictures and image types recognized by C-photo Recovery.

Supported File Formats

C-photo Recovery supports all popular graphical formats, including JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP and literally dozens of others, as well as Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Samsung, SONY and Adobe DNG RAW files. We constantly work on adding new file formats to the library of signatures. TWAIN compliant devices such as digital video and still cameras are also supported.

C-photo Recovery is pure necessity to any digital photographer. Shooting digital pictures is fun, but losing them is not. Recover lost or corrupt pictures with C-photo Recovery! Download your free evaluation version now!

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