Nowadays email has become one of those essential and integral parts of our life as personal computer itself. It is really impossible to overestimate email's significance in business and personal relationship. Some email messages matter a lot to us, but anyhow, one careless mouse click and a very important letter seems to be lost forever! C-Email Recovery will help you to bring back those precious messages, you considered to be gone within couple of moments.

Email Recovery

What to do if you lost your email message.

So, you have deleted a necessary message by accident and have no idea what to start with. We would come with a piece of advice, concerning what you are not supposed to do. Stop using your PC, it will prevent your hard disk from rewriting data. Don't try free or cheap software products, using primitive algorithms. Their recovery results will appear to be poor, but this will drastically decrease the probability of successful recovery in the future. C-Email Recovery offers safe undelete and recovery operation along with the best imaginable recoverability ever.

Unerasing accidentally deleted messages

The easiest task for C-Email Recovery is undeleting separate email messages. It automatically scans your hard disk detecting all email clients available on your PC, finds all databases created by them, gets an access to Deleted Items Folder, allowing you to recover any message from it within a moment. So, on this level you don't even have to know where a certain email database is located on your computer.

Recovering emails from inaccessible hard drives

Unfortunately, no hard drive or any other storage device is guaranteed for eternal life. More often your HDD becomes accidentally formatted or you face a real disaster- hard disk failure, resulting in complete data loss. But not this time yet! No matter how badly your HDD is damaged, regardless if it's accessible by Windows or not, C-Email Recovery will do it's job precisely and quickly. It will locate and recover large email databases and its missing parts together with attached content such as graphic, audio and video files, HTMLs and archives.

Repairing corrupted email database

It often happens that a database after recovery is broken. C-Email Recovery with its advanced restoration algorithms will solve all typical structural problems, restoring database initial structure, providing full access to an absolutely solid working database.

Email Clients Support

Being a universal piece of software, C-Email Recovery tool is designed to support the most widespread email clients and file formats. It is ready to solve problems with databases created under The Bat, Windows Vista Mail, Thunderbird, MS Outlook, Outlook Express. All attached files, address books and calendar events are also supported.

Export Functions

C-Email Recovery is designed to match your export preferences, allowing you to save recovered email databases, including address books and attachments in any supported format, different from original. So you are not limited in your choice, switching between email clients, according to your needs.

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