We are Carpov Data Recovery company. We provide one of the cutting edge technologies in the Data recovery sphere. Our products are able to recover data from hard drives, flash cards, memory cards and much more. The programs are developed to support any modern MS Windows systems, from Windows 98 and Up to Windows Vista. We are experts in data from all versions of NTFS and FAT filesystems. During development and test processes we use the last advances in the project management and quality control. Every activity in our company is filled the latest and most efficient techniques plus a lot of our own know-how's. We inspect thoroughly quality and reliability of our products and a special role in this work play our R&D laboratory. In the end of all every employee of Carpov Data Recovery company do his or her best to provide fast and reliable solutions for our clients. It helps to achieve our medium goal -- versatile or even custom solution for every customer. But our main goal is full satisfaction of our customers!

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